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    posted a message on FML loader crashing as soon as it starts.

    So my friend made a modpack, and whenever I installed it It said "applying patch 1/4" but it didn't for any other of my friends. When the minecraft launcher popped up and I hit play The FML preloader started, then almost immediatley stopped and I was sent back to the launcher where it said "Unexpected error!". I tried reinstalling the pack and changing the loader versions. 36.1.24, where it worked, but when I clicked on the server it said "Failed to connect to the serevr: Disconnected". I did exactly what my friends did and it worked for them, and I think its the specific mods only failing to run on my pc, because I made a new custom modpack with the same mods with the same results. I would list the mods but there's 85 of them.


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