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    posted a message on Looking for some players for a long time test of my modpack (1.12.2) (Server located in germany)

    Hi guys. Over the past 2 years i build a large modpack. I tested over 1k mods and the final pack consists 250 mods.

    Most of them are really small and dont add too much to the game so thats why i have so many installed.

    Basically i expanded all aspects of the basegame with a lot more content. I skipped all the complicated crafting mods and aimed for these with a vanilla kind of feeling. A little bit of tech is still in the pack with galacticraft and all of its expansions.


    A beefy PC is recommended. I play on a Ryzen 1600x, 16Gb DDR4 (i gave 10GB to MC) and a GTX 1080. WIth Shaders and Resourcepack my FPS stay between 50-60 (capped at 60 because i play on a TV) with nearly maxed out settings. I use Sildurs Ultra Shader, the Soartex Resourcepack Modded Version and even build my own Expansion pack so every modded Item you will find naturally in the overworld have nice textures too.


    I have a server running the pack and looking for some folks to play on it with me. The server is not a rented one its a PC with 32GB Ram and an SSD which hosts the map. The server is located in germany so it would be best if you are from Europe. Actually iam running it only at daytime but if we get enough players on it i will let it on 24/7.


    The server is running a whitelist and reported griefers will be banned instantly. I have mods installed for teleportation and claiming of your area.


    So far i only have a upload on and you have to install the pack manually with adding the "mods" and "config" folders to your minecraft installation.


    If someone is interested or need more informations let me know.

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    posted a message on Need help with setting up Forge Essentials / Allowing teleport on a server without OP

    I already checked the provided wiki but it look so complicated. What i want is basically the teleport command for all users on the server and nothing else. Can someone easily explain what i have to do?

    I dont care about all the other functions and if someone have another idea how i can do it let me know.

    I am using Xaeros Minimap and want people have access to the waypoint-teleporting system without OPing them.



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    posted a message on Your mod suggestions

    I checked some storage mods but didnt found one i really like. Actually iam sorted out a lot of things in the pack after playtesting it for a while with a friend and added some new things. its down to 260 mods and now i think every one deserves to be in the pack. It sounds like a damn lot of mods but many of them just adding one Item or a single Ore with a craftable tool and armorset. 33 are client mods which are mostly quality of life things. Actually i am putting together a modlist and think about releasing the pack. Can post the list here if someone is interested when its ready.

    I added Galacticraft and all of its add ons so i think its enough tech and already didnt really fit the vanilla expansion i was building before.

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    posted a message on Your mod suggestions

    In reply to themclarenp1:

     I tried Viescraft which adds some craftable airships too. Never really used them. I love transportation with the Ender Staff from the grappling hook mod + a Elytra. No need for a player launcher or these annoying fireworks. You can just boost with the Ender Staff.

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    posted a message on Your mod suggestions

    In reply to jtrent238:

     Looks interesting. I will gonna try it. Already have the Hammer Time mod for multiblock mining. And the Ore mining perks from Cavern 2 mod.

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    posted a message on Your mod suggestions

    In reply to heatherrose23:

    Hey wasnt online for a while. Took a break from Minecraft but now iam back playing. I already have the Spice of Life, Familiar Fauna and Dynamic Surroundings mods installed. Tried Harvest Craft but it made too many changes in the vanilla gameplay in my opinion. I think i tried Quark as well but had problems with that one so i removed it. I will check out the others. Thanks

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    posted a message on Need help with my Modpack (Fatally missing registry entries)

    Actually iam building a large modpack and playtested it with a friend for some time now on a rented server. Sometimes it crashed when we entered a new dimension but just because the server was overloaded. Wasnt the strongest server. One day my friend was playing and the server crashed. I wasnt avaiable and when i later restarted it he wasnt able to connect anymore. He always get following error "Fatally missing registry entries". 

    Sometimes the error-message looks like this.

    "Connection Lost - Internal Exception: java.lang.illegalStateException: Recipe minecraft:purple_shulker_box produces unregistered item minecraft:purple_shulker_box"


    I can join without any problems.


    We already tried the following things so solve the problem:

    Reinstalling his minecraft, took my mods+configs folder to his pc so we have the same files, reinstalled the server, deleted his playerdata from the map, tried a new map but its always the same. Starting a singleplayer game works just fine.


    Plese help :)

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    posted a message on Your mod suggestions


    Actually i put together a big modpack to play it with friends. So far iam at 294 mods and it works fairly good on my cheap rented server.

    I checked every site for good mods and probably tried hundreds of them ^^


    What are the 10 mods you love and dont wanna miss in your world?


    I want to get at least a round number with 300mods ^^ Clearly i could just add some random mods but every mod is picked and tested by me and got its greenlight from me to be in the pack.


    I play version 1.12.2 and use the modded Soartex texture pack.

    Mods with texture pack support are appreciated. And honestly i dont really like all the complicated crafting mods so i tried to keep it mostly like the vanilla minecraft with a lot of more content in every aspect of the base game.



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