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    posted a message on Mods not exporting when exporting minecraft servers modpack?

    I hope someone expirienced the same issue, bc i know the solution:


    If you want to install a modpack that isn't approved, you have to manually download the zip someone exported and uploaded somewhere,

    (you obviously can't download it using curseforge untill approved) create a profile in the curseforge client-



    Take a look at the top left of that window. There is a tiny import link. Thats where you can choos the unapproved zip file.

    The CurseForge-Client will then install every mod that is listed in the profile the creator exported.


    Why is that so complicated you ask? Beats me.

    I assume CurseForge want's to prevent copyright issues wich could happen if someone publishes a pack.

    So only mods that are listed green in the CurseForge filter are exported. The rest is hidden in a list somewhere in that zip and gets added when "imported" to a CurseForge client.

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