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    hi please can you make your mod work alongside with biome o' plenty?, or add you own biomes? awesome modeling

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    i am not a mod developer so i cannot make my own mod, 


    i have a great idea, i just want to share this to help the minecraft and forge community.


    This is the idea:


    i have been looking for spear mods, and i just found 2 mods that add spears, i know there are about 10-30 mods about weapons, that add spears too, but too much weapons is annoying for a lot of people (like me XD)  my idea is a mod that only add spears, maybe called "Spearz" (i got the idea from Hammerz) , this mod should make the spears a throwable tool, /summon spearz:tin_spear ,  every time you throw the spear it loses durability. 

    of course! the spear causes damage. the end.


    edit: leave a comment pls

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