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    posted a message on [BETTER DAWNCRAFT] A DawnCraft patch that adds over 100 quests, better explanations, more mod support, bug fixes and more!

    Hello! Firstly, thanks for your amazing additions to dawncraft. And secondly, I have some suggestions. I think that dawncraft is in a big need of good artifacts. There is a ton of slots for them even now, but you can put into them basically nothing. For example on your head you can put create glasses and thats all. So, there are some mods that I want to suggest - Nameless Trinkets, Artifacts, and maybe Cyclic. Those mods will hugely improve gameplay and they will make it fun to loot again. Of course, those mods and artifacts in them will need some tweaking, cause some of them are really OP( especially artifacts from Nameless Trinkets)


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