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    posted a message on the modpack keeps closing itself.

    So I recently made a modpack and published it. When I tried starting up the modpack, it took very long (about 5 - 10 minutes) to start up. But afterwards, it just closes itself. I didn't even click on anything else, I just waited and stared at my screen waiting for the modpack to pop up. The app icon shows up at the bottom of course, but it disappears immediately. When I checked task manager, it was showed that Minecraft was not running at all. I also asked my friend to help test it out for me to see if it's only my problem, but it happened to him too. I also started up other modpacks, those still works. So I am assuming that it's my modpack that's the problem, I really don't know how to fix it. I have checked every files to spot any mistake, though I'm probably blind and missed something that instantly closes minecraft.

    Had uninstalled the modpack and installed again, it doesn't work. Reinstalled Curseforge and Minecraft, it still doesn't work..

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