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    So I installed Valhelsia 3 3.0.21 (Minecraft 1.16.1 and Forge 32.0.108). When playing with without Optifine, I had no problems with texture. However, now that Optifine (1.16.1 of course) is installed, some blocks, object (whatever you call it) appears in a block of pink and black colors. No texture.


    I know that if I get rid of Optifine it'll fix that issue, but I want to keep Optifine, for I think, obvious reasons.


    Any solutions?


    The screen attached to the thread is the death totem whenever I or someone dies.





    If anyone has the same issue, I managed to fix this.


    All you need is to installe OptiForge as well. (Match the versions of your MC, Optifine and Forge of course).



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