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    well glad you managed to get it to work, though the fact that it requires java 1.7 is really odd, since it states that it is only looking for it as a development kit not the actual runtime.

    I would be careful if your system has only 4G though, as  giving the game all of your system ram can cause alot of lag, as well as your computer crashing and possible the OS getting corrupted.

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    It seems that it cant find any java to use which is weird.

    -Did you change your java installation path when you first downloaded it

    -how much RAM does your system have (open file explorer, right-click on my PC/ This PC, click properties)

    -Try reinstalling the pack and removing any custom mods you added

    -it looks like sevtech recommends 5G at least, so try that as well

    -check the logs/crash reports located in the instance for that pack (C:\Users\Name\Documents\Curse\Minecraft\Instances\SevTech Ages -- /Logs and /Crash-reports) and put that in pastebin and send the link for that

    -and might as well try reinstalling java from the website down loader if it still doesn't work

    oh also, are you able to run any other pack through twitch launcher and or any other launcher, and can you run the base game through the vanilla launcher and or the twitch launcher?

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    try going on the twitch launcher (which I am assuming is what you are using), click the options tab on the top left go to file -> settings. Then go to minecraft and check that it is using the correct java version under java settings. Java 1.8 is what minecraft wants I think. Also check the additional arguments in the java settings to see if there is something there. I would recommend clearing this for now just for testing and sending it as a reply so I can see it as well. Also check the allocated memory in the settings.

    If it doesnt let you change some of these, I think you have to set the launcher method to JAR in the launcher section above java settings.

    Hope this helps.

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