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    We are a new Simplified 24/7 SkyBlock community server


    If you like:
    Getting involved in a fun community
    Player Shops
    Head Drops
    Then come and join us!! 
    We find that most servers can be too overwhelming. Our server is simply SkyBlock, with some awesome and easy to use features and plugins to make your experience all the more better. We are working to build a strong community using our discord and forums.
    Bring your friends to join a team island or play go solo!
    Grow your island and your wealth as you rise to the top!
    Hop into one of our 4 biome designed KitPvP arenas to win other players items
    Join the SkyMobs areas to complete challenges to win rewards
    Use minions and crates to grow your island to the top.
    A stable and diverse economy featuring auctions, player shops, and an easy to use GUI
    Pre-Paid for 1 year for guaranteed 24/7 up time


    If you fancy a relaxed, friendly, community based SkyBlock server that isn't as overwhelming as some others join us! 
    IP: skypvp.xyz 
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