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    Hi, I'm Ethan, President of Minecraftia


    To put it simply, We need you!


    We are welcoming applications from anyone who wishes to be a Builder, Moderator, Developer or a Member of our Community Team.

    We also accept applications for a role of your choice, simply select 'Other' when prompted and enter the role you think you would suit, we will happily consider.

    No experience necessary, you must be 14 years of age upon appointment to your role.


    Please apply here: https://forms.gle/xBesu3916mj2sxpEA


    Applying should take 20-30 minutes and we ALWAYS get back to you. You are required to sign into google to submit the form. We aim to respond within 24 hours.


    For help and assistance, please join our discord and ask any member of staff for the help that you need: https://discord.gg/bRsJ8Ne


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