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    Plastic is a material that is not only particularly suitable for packaging, but also particularly for food packaging. It is better suited than containers that are made of other materials such as glass. Here is an overview of the main benefits of plastic:

    If the necessary controls and tests are carried out, the plastic packaging is perfectly adapted to the packaging of food in terms of hygiene, which is good for health. For example, water can be packaged and transported safely and inexpensively.

    Plastic packaging prolongs the shelf life of food and reduces damage. In this way, there is less waste.

    50% of all items are packed in plastic. Despite this, only 17% of the total weight of European packaging is plastic. On average, plastic packaging represents only 3.1% of the total weight in an article packed in plastic.

    Plastic combines high strength with light weight. If we no longer use plastic for packaging wellpackeurope.com/jiffy-foam-wrap, the total weight of packaging would be nearly 4 times higher.

    Plastic packaging can be fully recycled and reused for new products and can also be used as fuel.

    The weight of plastics per unit of packaging has fallen in the last two decades by almost 30%, and this trend is continuing.

    There is unlimited freedom of development for plastic packaging. You can make all kinds of shapes, and each plastic has specific material properties that must be taken into account when choosing a plastic material.

    Through sensors and indicators, smart packaging can inform the consumer about, for example, the temperature changes that the product has undergone. Active packaging can keep products fresh longer by absorbing or adding substances.

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