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    Hello, I am a mod developer here at Minecraft Curse forge. I also been putting together some modpack this year. As I was browsing the curse network for mods there was one thing that made me see red. The way Curse are drowning the majority of mods with the minority of 100 000 ++ downloads mods. The entire front page of the Curse forge is highlighting the most popular mods.

    This has the same effect as the YouTube popularity algorithm where the popular get even more popular and the new youtubers are drowning in the big sea of videos.

    I personally think that Curse should promote the new mods on the front page instead of highlighting the already popular mods out there. People already know about those mods and can easy do a quick search or filter by most downloaded to find those mods. I found some great pearls after diving deep down into the sea of drowned mods.

    Why not at least try to dig up some underdogs that you think have a great potential and put it up on the front page in a section called highlight of the week example.


    Have any opinions / though on what I just brought up? Leave a reply.



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