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    Good day, Minecraft Community!
    I'm here today to announce that MoonCraft Games is currently accepting staff applicants for our upcoming server. We are currently about to go into the Beta Phase, meaning we will need staff members to be active to moderate on our Network Platforms. We are also highly looking for future content-creators, to record on our server (you will be paid). If you're interested, continue reading below.
    Who are we?
    MoonCraft Games is an upcoming Bedrock Server that seeks the best performance for our community. We influence the idea of self-appreciation and pride in every individual, trough various types of ways. At MoonCraft Games, we offer a wide variety of mini-games such as Block Swap, Sumo, and Mini-UHC. We’re improving many bug fixes and performance issues every day, through our great Development Team.
    We're looking for staff members who share the same-overall common goal, of helping out our server. While being on the staff team, you will receive great benefits such as the possibility of getting paid. This can only happen if you're elected as the Staff Member of The Month, but your reward will be paid in honor of your activity.
    Ground Rules
    There are a few ground rules you need to know before applying:
    • You must be over 14 to be accepted. If you want to make a staff application, but you are under 14, please don’t lie about your age. Instead, I would recommend that you go ahead and make one anyways! Not only will we give you feedback, but it also puts you on our radar, so we know that you are a candidate that is eager to be chosen for staff.
    • Don’t lie in your application. We would rather know that you are too young, haven’t been playing here for a long amount of time, or haven’t been staff on another server. Be completely honest and try to put a positive spin on what seems to be a negative.
    • Don’t use weird colors, strange formatting, or emojis in your application.
    • Don’t plagiarize. If it is not your work, don’t use it. Plagiarism will get your application immediately rejected.
    • Your account can not be a shared account or a cracked account.
    • Don’t bug staff to look at or respond to your application. Not only is it irritating for us, but will also result in a higher chance of your application being denied.
    Where to Apply?
    - If you're interested in becoming a staff member, you can join the MoonCraft Game's Discord Server and start your Application Here.
    - If you want to apply to become a YouTuber, please join the MoonCraft Game's Discord Server and start your Application Here. Until then, have a wonderful rest of your day!
    - FabianTuck 
    (MoonCraft’s Social Media and Marketing Lead)
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    Hello, my name is FabianTuck, and I am the server owner of Lexium! Lexium is a BRAND NEW server ran by a very professional and active Owner who seeks what's best for their community. Because of this, we are seeking staff members that are very professional and well-mannered to add to our team.

    To kick off becoming a Helper staff member, there is [b]no quota[/b] you have to start off with while applying. After you finish your application (which is located below), you will then be added to the list to applicants who need to be interviewed.

    If you are wishing to become an Admin of The Lexium Server, there is [b]no quota[/b] you have to start off with while applying. After you finish your application (which is located below), you will then be added to the list to applicants who need to be interviewed. We're looking for Admins that'll be very compassionate at their work, and people who serve as a mentor to their Senior Mod teams. Currently, we're accepting Admins who specialize in the following places: Social Media, Staff Administration, Community Administration, and Bug Service.

    If you wish to become an owner of The Lexium Server, we [b]require[/b] you to invest [b]<$100.00+ upon joining. [/b]Furthermore, after the server starts to gain profit, you will receive a negotiable amount of the servers profit. While also being an owner, you will be required to help manage and watch over The Lexium Server. Upon taking on the responsibility as an Owner, you will be required to pay a monthly fee of [b]$[/b][b]100.00[/b]. This price can change at any time without any notice and you cannot receive any chargebacks. If you're interested in this position, please message me on Discord (FabianTuck#9517).

    >> Helper - Admin Application: https://forms.gle/73mb6pSTt1xsZG9g7 <<

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