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    🟣Real Fictions is a very nice and professional Factions Minecraft server.


    Join us at: 🟣realfiction.live🟣


    Discord Link: https://discord.gg/JkPpmzn


    Real Fiction is a server full of many relaxing, exciting, and thrilling game modes.


    We have helpful and very down-to-earth staff. We treat each individual with respect.


    We are ready to answer any question regarding the server.


    Our server uses many plugins and beautiful visuals to encourage the most interaction and fun a player can experience.


    Such plugins are as follows:

    🌟 Factions

    🌟 Essentials

    🌟 BedWars

    🌟 EpicGuard

    🌟 AntiCheat

    We hope you enjoy Real Fiction.

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