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    [Cancelled] Welcome To Enchanted Star SMP


    Enchanted Star SMP is a 1.15.2 paper spigot server created for a group of small YouTubers.

    All of us will work together or alone, to build shops, minigames, houses and more, to create our own little community.
    Most of this will be recorded or streamed and uploaded to our YouTube channels.

    The server will not have any plugins, we're doing this all 100% vanilla.

    All youtubers must have at least 10 subscribers and will be required to stream/record and upload at least two videos a week. [Special arrangements can be made.]


    If you require more information, please contact me on discord. BrokenDreamer#0529

    Server Rules

    - Do not grief or steal anything from anyone. Borrowing is okay, as long as you leave a message and pay them back as soon as you can.
    - Pranks are allowed, but anything extreme (blowing up someone's build, etc.) will need to be cleaned up and fixed by you. You cannot leave it for them to repair.
    - I.O.U's are accepted, but must be payed as soon as you can.
    - Do not take something from a shop without paying.
    - Please announce in either discord or the server chat when you're about to record/stream. We want to be sure that the chat is kept clean while recording/streaming.
    - Most important rule is; be kind. I don't want to hear that someone has been disrespectful

    Currency and Claiming


    Currency is as follows;

    1 diamond is equal to 1 gold block.

    32 iron ingots are equal to half of the above payments.

    1 emerald is equal to two times 1 diamond/gold block.


    [Currency can be discussed and changed.]



    -To claim an area of land for a shop, surround the desired area with wooden buttons. Stone buttons are sometimes hard to see, especially at night.

    -To claim the land for a house/castle/small town, place a sign down with the sentence; "Land claimed for house -[Username]"



    How to apply


    To apply please go this form and fill it out.



    Once you've filled out the form, please comment on this thread with saying "Done" and add your username.
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