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    Hello I am Owner of Vanquish Network a Kit PvP server with features other servers don't have and a few custom plugins on the way


    We are looing for Mature /Dedicated  people because I am taking this project very Serious are current staff is very dedicated and is online most of the day 


    We currently have just about everything Setup But we need some staff to keep the server active as well with are discord server which the custom bot with cool features to keeps players on everyday will be finished tomorrow.


    We are in need of some staff The positions we are hiring for


    Investor because I am running low with over 100$ put into the server already 

    Marking/Advertising Manager


    GFX Artist 





    We have more Features then pictures I uploaded but 5 Pictures is max so 



    You can join are discord to Apply . Apply by going to Bot Commands and Doing #Apply 








    These Posistiosn are not paid posistions at the moment but could decuss some type of payment once the server is stable and has players 

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    Welcome To MalevolentPvp Network! A newly Finished Server ready for release

    Apply On discord Server Channel

    Hello I am the Owner of MaleVolent Network and we need some more staff/
    We are looking for keen professional staff for our newly formed server. Below, are the server roles in which will be needed:
    - Builders
    - Architects
    - Admins
    - Moderators
    - Senior Moderators
    - Developers
    - Investor
    - Advertisers
    Developers need to have a good background knowledge in plugins. They will need to know how plugins work and how to fix them quickly if something goes wrong. They maybe needed to work with junior developers so need to be able to work in a team.
    Marketing is a key role in the server. We want to create a high-end, professional server. You will be needed to come up with logo's, marketing campaigns and brand guidelines. You will be working in a team along with myself on creating a brand

    Discord Server : https://discord.gg/5FbvBGk
    Contact Information
    Discord : FiloData#1583

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