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    posted a message on No sound for resource packs- HELP!

    So once I load a resource pack, my Minecraft sound completely goes away.

    -My sound on my computer is on and work for everything else
    -My Minecraft sound is on
    -I have tried reloading the resource packs and game multiple times

    -All my drivers are up to date

    -Windows sound enhancements are off

    -I've messed around with mipmap levels

    Other information: 
    -I have tried multiple resource packs, all give me this issue.
    -I have tried both the newest update of the game and older versions of the game.
    -I have tried both with and without optifine.

    Any other suggestions?
    If I need to uninstall and reinstall Minecraft, is there any way to keep my saved worlds without them getting deleted?

    This is driving me crazy, please help!!

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