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    Hi! I'd like to start off be saying I have read lots of threads similar to my problem. I have done as the people who gave help instructed, and yet my problem still hasn't been fixed! :(


    I start the process by downloading the mods I want (Litematica and Edem Ring ). I already have Curseforge downloaded, and on my Minecraft Launcher.

    I launch minecraft,and it shows me it is indeed modded with Curseforge.  I click the mods option and am presented by two mods. Minecraft and Forge. I open my mod folder and drag in the mods I want (Litematica and Eden Ring). I then click done, and relaunch the game. Once the Minecraft is ready, i check mods, amd realize the same two are there, Minecraft and forge. 


    I've made sure the mods are the same version as the current version of Minecraft (1.19.2), but still nothing. The mods ARE .jar files. 


    i've got literally no idea on how to proceed, I really hope someone can help. If anyone wants screenshots just say,

    also if no one responds I'd be willing to pay anyone who helps.


    Thanks very much!

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