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    posted a message on how to upload a modpack without curseforge?

    What do mean by upload a modpack without curse forge because you could make a project on the website 


    But some mods are free to use in your projects others aren't so be careful doing this because I remember in 1.7.10 you had to actually ask the mod creators but i think any mods on curse forge are free to use in ur own project as long as you give them credit so in the description of the project list the mods and just say who their made by its the right thing to do but I don't know if its require I'm sure the moderators would tell if you have to well their approving it

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    posted a message on Curse Forge Installer not even opening or operating

    Make a quick video thats unlisted on youtube of what happens because it hard to tell what the issue is fully without a video or photo


    But try completely uninstalling curse forge by going to the search on your computer then go to control panel ->  Uninstall a program, then find curse forge then restart your computer so its fully gone then go download curse forge again

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    posted a message on R.A.D server has this error everytime i try to open it

    Remove any client side mods in the mods folder, Such as JEI any Map mods if the problem continues then just show me the next error 

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    posted a message on [CRASH] Modded Server Crash when starting

    I cant see the log it was deleted but if your still having issues please let me know because I use Aternos all the time

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    posted a message on only getting 2 fps on curseforge launcher please help...

    Problem could be your ram it seems you have a good CPU and GPU but I get a lot of lag making my own modpack but its because were not really pros at making modpacks but i would install betterFPS and or optifine makes my game go from 10FPS to 60/58 FPS which it practically maximum 


    You could also allocate more ram by going into your settings -> minecraft, then scroll all the way down then find out how much ram your computer has then give half are a little be less than half don't give too much because that can cause problems

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    posted a message on It's not letting me install curseforge.

    Well it says theres a network error maybe it was on curse forge side so try again


    But ill give some other solutions 


    First check if your internet is limited or strict this can cause internet problems 


    second try uninstalling the app completely off your computer then redownload it


    third is your computer a macOS or Linux those sometimes have problems in fact it may not even work on Linux 


    lastly if all fails give your computer a reset 


    But honestly u could just download the mods or modpacks from the actually website then just make a nice organized folder with everything and make everything interchangeable to u can quickly drag mods in and out of ur base .minecraft folder and just install the versions of forge you need from the forge website


    Because curse is just to make life easier to do everything but you could just do it urself it will take much longer but if your willing than do that

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    posted a message on Mods Freezing and Crashing My Gaming PC

    Well how old are the parts in your computer because the age of parts is a big factor in that my computer is about 5 years old and it can run slow at points and it make you're ram much worse so for example if someone has 16gb of ram and their computer is 4-6 years old it can go down to 8gb of ram but a very simple solution to this if your only playing with curse forge mods go to this website Aternos its a free Minecraft server its not the best but its a start 


    Another thing can be how many mods your playing with because more mods = more ram need to because when running a server on your computer its like playing 2 Minecrafts or even more i would recommend to use a website to host a server if u willing to spend money on a server use 


    free server

    link - Aternos 


    Paid servers

    link - Server.pro 

    link - BisectHosting

    link - Nodecraft


    I hope this help you

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    posted a message on help

    If you still haven't found one yet, this is a good one that you can get right off of Curse forge

    link - The Pixelmon Modpack - Modpacks - Minecraft - CurseForge


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    posted a message on Xray Ultimate Texture pack 1.17

    The one right off of Curse forge is safe to use but its recommend to use optifine with it

    Link - Xray 1.17

    This does work with most versions I've used it for 1.12.2 before so i would assume it would work with pretty much any

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    posted a message on question on forge versions

    I think I may know the problem but I cant be 100% sure without a screenshot of the message

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