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    Click on the attachment below to see more info about FOGC.


    Server IP:

    Discord link : https://discord.gg/w8HuwQY


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    What is FOGC?


    FOGC is a small community that is seeking growth to become a decent sized community in the form of a Minecraft server. The server was first launched back in 2016, but then closed down after staff members became inactive. FOGC is seeking to be revived from this downfall, and in order to do that, we need your help.


    FOGC Server Features


    FOGC Features a single server system in which 3 worlds are used for 3 different gamemodes. The 3 gamemodes are Survival, Creative, and Skyblock. Their is also a hub world, with a simplistically built main spawnpoint built there, and the skyblock, creative, and Survival spawns also look pretty neat.


    Where to apply for staff / beta tester


    You can apply for staff / beta tester on the FOGC Discord server. An invite link will be attached at the bottom of this post. Another way to apply for staff is through the server website. The website link is flatoutgamercraft.enjin.com.


    What phases are put in place besides the staff app?


    A phase that can be put into effect if there is detail in a staff app, but not enough detail for an applicant to be completely trusted, we would send the app to the interview stage, where we will ask you some more questions. For now, there will be an interview text channel on the discord server, but when the server opens for staff only, their will be an interview warp on the server.


    How do I know if My App was accepted / denied?


    We will notify you in the channel you posted your app in, and also we will dm you that you were accepted / denied. If you are denied, you will not be able to reapply for a week.


    What will the server ip be, and where is the discord link?


    The Server's IP will be and here is the discord link:



    What staff positions are available to apply for?


    Mostly all positions are available. We are currently seeking a new head-admin, along with several mods, helpers, and admins. Applications are also open for beta testers, and a separate role for them will be made in the discord server.


    Thanks for reading this, and I hope you can come and support the FOGC community.


    You can also just join the discord if you want to be a member of the community, and a user on the upcoming server. We are expecting the server to be open for staff by this weekend.

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