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    Cryptic Network | Prison V2.0

    The walls have been raised, the locks have been tightened and the mines have just been reset. Things just got awesome!

    Come and check out CrypticNetwork’s Prison server today! Play with your friends, win rewards and experience an experience never seen before!


    Top Miner Rewards

    *#1 ) $50 PayPal + $25 Store Voucher

    #2 ) $25 PayPal + $15 Store Voucher

    #3 ) $10 PayPal + $10 Store Voucher*

    These rewards are distributed every prison season, will be raised accordingly


    » Some of many Custom Features «

    • Dupe Machine
    • Lucky Blocks
    • PvP Arena Loot Drops
    • Custom Enchants + tools
    • Earn from Drugs
    • Enchant + Repair Tokens
    • Gems (to remove the pay to win)


    Interested? Join today!


    IP: play.crypticnetwork.xyz

    Website: https://crypticnetwork.xyz

    Discord: https://discord.crypticnetwork.xyz

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