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    Welcome to Dawn Of Genesis! [1.16.3]

    This is a normal survival server with RPG elements. Here you will face the world of Genesis and build up your own settlement. Finding new players, doing quests, ranking up with our customized ranks and fight to protect the genesis. Become one of the strongest players on Genesis!

    READ before playing.
    Make sure to read the #⛔server-rules⛔ on discord before jumping in to the Dawn Of Genesis.

    Announcement & Updates
    To check out all new and old updates you can do that in discord #📢announcement📢

    DawnOfGenesis IP
    Server IP - >

    - Ranks - Fully customized [quests, money and playtime]
    ~ Mcmmo.
    ~ Economy.
    ~ Jobs.
    ~ Crates.
    ~ Shops
    ~ And more!

    Coming Soon
    ~ Quest (Coming soon).
    ~ MobArena/dungeons (Coming soon).
    ~ Custom enchants.

    Cross chat, (Server-Dicord)
    We have our in game chat on discord, feel free to say hello.

    Staff Application
    Looking to join our staff team go to discord #❕staff-applications❕

    Link to discord: https://discord.gg/9UW6vdEsr6

    Best regards - DOG - Staff

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