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    What Is Craftality?


    Craftality is an upcomming projects that might turn big, behind it are 17 people that currently work on their own tasks. We are working on a platform that is so big, that it's stupid to waste words on this thread, but I'll do it anyways.


    Our gamemode is a Clash of 4 mythologies that each have their own gods, mortals and later after you steal your parent's credit card, Titans. Each one of them has a set of abilities, unique superb powers that have a specific cooldown.


    So why and what should you build for us? Because we believe there is great future for the server, we have the budget, we have the staff, and we only need builders to improve the actual ingame experience.


    You will mainly be building 4 Mythological themes:


    Greek, Egyptian, Hindu and Norse


    More useful information about our Gamemode ideas: https://craftality.enjin.com/page/1480982


    To apply: Simply choose a random 4 digit number and then post it as a reply, you will use this number in the application form. DO NOT USE THE SAME NUMBER AS SOMEONE ELSE, OR YOU WILL BE INSTANTLY DENIED


    To apply click the following link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeQvtGzo8QeRpwCtThjVh-cg7tMXvfr0r4aOivZt-cvy67JZQ/viewform?usp=sf_link


    We wish you all the luck. If luck doesn't save you and you end up not AUTO accepted, you will be tested on a testing server that we opened just on you, more specific. An attachment shows that the ploits are 30x big and you will have an hour for your build.


    To make your chances superior, simply join our discord server, this will make your chances higher and it will also make you some friends, which I am sure everyone needs.


    Discord server: https://discord.gg/UzFxBUa



    SpeedyArt, Administrator at the Craftality Network.

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