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    Welcome to Skydaze!



    Have you ever joined a creative build server? You probally did.

    Did you enjoy it? Maybe you did, maybe you didn't.
    You probally only had a plot, or a few of them. Not enough space, no WorldEdit or VoxelSniper,

    no friendly community, no command blocks, no /setwarp, no active staff that is actually listening.

    Have you ever wondered if there is a FREE true free build server? Did you ever want to play on one?

    You found your 'dream', if this is what you are looking for, search no more, and apply!


    Our staff, and their experience:

    Our server only has one staff member, named SaltyPotato.

    We only have one right now, because "quality over quantity".

    I'm not saying I am perfect, I'm saying there should be staff that is responsible, mature and helpful.

    New staff are to be accepted if we exceed a larger number of players.

    Some features of Skydaze:

    * True freebuild, choose your spot (or multiple, you can decide!) and build what you want, how big you want
    * WorldEdit and VoxelSniper at your disposal
    * AsyncWorldEdit+VoxelSniper, to have a lag-free server.

    * Access to unlimited /sethome and /setwarp!

    * BannerMaker

    * HeadsDatabase (11.000+ heads)

    * GoBrush
    * A friendly community and listening staff
    * Our own Discord server
    * Our own INGAME music radio, simply time /radio to toggle
    * Holograms (flying text)
    * Need command blocks? We will set them up for you!

    * 24/7, 99% uptime, 100% fast server

    * NEW! BlockParticles!
    All of these are for free, and there is much more!

    Some example builds:








    You can apply for the server by commenting on this post with the following form,

    we generally accept/deny people in small groups, if you have been accepted, be sure to look at your Inbox!

    Why do you want to part of Skydaze:
    optional Everything else we should know or you want to tell us:



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