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    Hello everyone!
    Thank you for stopping by the Falcon Skies server thread. Obviously, as the title says, we are recruiting builders and 1-2 developers. Actually, we are pretty desperate with forming a full builder team, as we already have a fully functional and ready to be built in server/map. As for developers, we would like people who can configure plugins professionally. Of course, creators are also welcome! We want to give our players all the fun they can get and that's why we hired some good and hardworking staff, but we're still missing at least 3-5 talented builders!
    Little bit about us. We're starting off as a small community with one Towny server. If it goes as planned as we have in our sights possible expanding to the Network status with some more fun game modes like Factions, Skyblock, OP and/or Creative, Prison etc...
    Anyways, about the applications. If you are here, obviously you are interested in our project and would like to apply to join our staff team. Well, to do that, you must join our discord and then you'll be able to get the links to the application forms. Discord link is below.
    Thank you for taking your time.
    ~ Falcon Skies Manager, Wintertime
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