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     Sorry for a very late reply, no I didn't the thing is that the site has kind of hidden their policy. And that a "no refunds" policy shouldn't be allowed :)
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    Hi minecrafters!

    I just wanted to warn you guys about a site I used to host a server with my friends. Well the thing is that we tried the server out with some plugins and quickly realized that something was wrong. The CPU they used to host the server was running hot and the chunks loaded extremely slow. A server shouldn't have any problems hosting 5 popular plugins with 4 players (2GB ram).

    So we weren't satisfied with the server that we got and asked for a refund which is our right. (This was like 1h after we bought it, because it was horrible)

    They responded after 4 days with a "no refunds" statement and said that their "policy" stated that refunds wasn't allowed. Well that would have been useful to know, the thing is that you can't even find the policy on this server hosting site, they never show it to you!

    And according to sources a "legit" site should show their policy in bright daylight so the customer can clearly see it!

    This site keeps on saying "no refunds" which points in the scam direction. We also have laws that says you have the right to get a refund (at least up to 3 days, we posted it 1h after we bought it as I stated before).

    So, I would recommend you to keep away from this serverhosting site because it is not a customer friendly site and clearly doesn't like refunds according to their "Non existing policy"!

    Thank you for reading this post!

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