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    So.. I've been watching ALOT of Grian annnd SystemZee. And I got a very cool idea! Why won't I start a SMP. Although they do it in past versions I wanna settle on the version we have right now.



    :(Are you doing YouTube) No. I am not BUT it could be a very interesting varient. Maybe any of YOU members could start it!

    :(Pranks?!) YES! Hopefully we won't go too far.

    :(Is there a punishment for Greifing or not being friendly towards others?) Thats whats mostly worrying about attempting SMP with 'Strangers' but, hopefully people that are joining will be as stoked as I am for this. Yes there will be punishment break a few rules or if in my eyes your not trying to get along or etc. Yes we can create 'Empires' etc to be against a team but this is only roleplaying at the end of the day we will of course all be friends when a serious time comes.

    :(Will a server be provided?) Yes. It will.... Indeed. ^_^

    :(Whats your aim of this?)My aim is to have a big community on a server world! Somewhere were we can all build and have fun and do pranks etc!

    :(How do we or I join this SMP and whats the limit?) I will provide with a contact info you will need skype STRICTLY. My limit would be atleast 10. If we have 5 we will start the server. Along the way we will get more and more players and hey! you can invite your friends! You will need to fill out a forum and send it to my skype. and I will look through it and see if you accepeted or not.


    Forum Format:




    GMT: (Prefered +1 GMT)

    Reason to joining:

    Experience with building?:

    How are you with working with others.

    My skype: dinox.plays


    (Disclaimer: This will be fun as I wish it will be. Join in and we'll create a name. And don't forget Youtube is accepted. And if you are accepted to the SMP you will put into a skype group. If denied you will get a reason. Thank you and can't wait to see you all later.) Much love


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