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    I'm trying to upload a mod-pack. The only thing is that my ZIP file keeps getting rejected becouse of a mod ''BigTrees'' that is included that is pretty much an unofficial fan-made update for the original Big Trees mod and so Curseforge won't accept it. I'm trying to get to the support team, but they pretty much don't respond. Pretty darn frustrating, becouse the mod is  essential to the pack.


    The mod I'm talking about is this: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/bigtrees

    If you look in the comments, there's someone who updated the mod.


    How do I go about getting this mod in the pack? If it's not possible maybe TechnicPlatform is better.


    I have been trying to upload 1 single ZIP file for 6 days, and still have gotten nowhere. 

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    I found that I had a modpack I was trying and trying to get uploaded, but the pack was rejecting time and time again for various reasons. Now that the pack no longer has all these faults that made it rejected, it stays ''under review'' for infinity.


    And when I upload the same ZIP modpack file but hide it under a different name, it gets looked at immediately. Which means the moderators definitly do get tired of some people's submissions, which is a real shame. I expected better

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