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    Oh god, this forum is so dead.
    I asked elsewhere and got informed that I need to synchronize both configs on the server and client side in order for it to work.

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    posted a message on I hit like a wet noodle!

    Hello guys,
    so I managed to make my own custom modpack with around 240 mods. I host my own server where we play with my friend all alone. It was a huge pain but also a lot of fun getting from wooden pickaxes to stone ones.. it took several hours to do so (thanks to TC). When blood moon has risen, we fought hard and it took me several attempts to kill just a-freakin' spider (he's got like 10x more HP) and later on, we got some awesome random loot from those hard-work killed mobs. You could guess by now .. from "Random loot mod". so..

    ------------------------------ NO MORE STORY, JUST THE PROBLEM HERE ------------------------------------------------------------------


    I've added all Tinker's Construct parts I could find on this site and they are all great. But one of them blocks vanilla tools and some weapons from mods. eg. Random Loot mod which adds a bunch of legendary weapons and tools that are a more or less one-time use. I would really like them to not hit like wet noodles. I figured out that I need to edit the config file. But my problem is I don't know what format should I type in the mod name to stop it from blocking its usefulness. 

    I found some stuff in tinkersurvival.cfg and tried this:
    tools {
    # List of mods that tools will always work for. All other mod tools will become wet noodles.


    but it doesn't solve my problem in any way. NOTE I did this only on server config's side.. maybe a client would help or maybe I spelled it wrong?
    Thanks for suggestions and thanks for reading.. uhh I always make a love-story from my questions :D

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