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    Hey guys - I've got a few issues, so apologies for the long post.


    1) Ender dragon does not appear in The End. This happened a while ago, and I was pleased to see it was addressed in the update, however it still does not appear for me. The end portal to summon the dragon is not there. The pillars and crystals are there though. I have deleted the DIM1 folder, which reset the dimension, but the dragon portal does not appear. I'm using:

    /summon ender_dragon ~ ~ ~ {DragonPhase:0}

     So I can progress, however I don't get the final portal home using this method and so the respawn mechanic won't work.


    2) Wireless Crafting Terminal - Client crashes if you accidentally put the terminal inside its own crafting grid (I've done this a lot when searching and press a number, which puts the item from my hotbar into the crafting grid). I can live with this, and I'll try not to derp :P


    3) How do we find Elder Guardians? I'm at the stage where I want to complete the ArmorPlus questline, but I'm not sure where to find this mob for it's Guardian Scale.

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