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    IP: hardlock.trioxidegaming.co.uk:25571


    HardLock came around from, the desire to create a temp-ban on death MC server which wasn't for casuals, and inspiration from 2b2t. This server isn't your typical "fight harder mobs and get better loot" type, this server will force you to adapt if you want to survive.

    There are no safe zones, chest locks, or protection methods available to the Survivors. No minigames, staff interference, or hacks. The world of HardLock is shaped by the players.

    Server Details:
    - Villager trading disabled.
    - Death will result in a 36-Hour ban.
    - The world border ends at 5k blocks out from 0 0 and will expand as needed.
    - Upon joining the player will be placed near 0 0, there is no safe zone.
    - The server uses the Extra Hard Mode plugin, treat every mob like a boss unless you are familiar with the mechanics.
    - Logging out while combat tagged will result in death and temp ban.
    - Game chat and Discord chat are linked via the server-chat channel.

    Our Discord: https://discord.gg/ZrqFJG3

    General Player Rules:
    1. Griefing is permitted, hacking and cheating are not.
    2. Do not use Resource Packs that are exploitative.
    3. No sexual or racist language.
    4. Don't post suspicious or shady links in the server chat.
    5. Don't disobey staff, they are ranked for a reason.
    6. Don't ask staff for items/gear.
    7. Do NOT complain about the server being hard, it's meant to be!

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