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    posted a message on One Hour One Life Server. Loads of new recipes, Disease, Medicine, Mob mechanics, Food, Enchants and more

    This Minecraft server is based on the popular game One Hour One Life.

    It is your goal to create a thriving society.

    Share with others and work together, or choose to steal.

    It is not easy to survive though, there are many new ways to die and don't ever run out of food..

    We create our own plugins and we come with regular updates the more society advances.

    And we listen to our players, if there is anything that should be added or changed, feel free to tell us.


    *New recipes added for working with colored concrete, terracotta and glass

    *Disease added, they can be spread to other players and be cured with medicine crafted from herbs

    *Custom drops and ore spawns

    *Everyone is anonymous, no player names are visible and everyone gets a custom skin

    *You either get born as an Eve somewhere in the world or you get born by an adult player, they will be able to name you

    Or you can name your own babies

    *Special totems can be crafted to give you infinite effects like Swiftness, Regeneration, Leaping, Strength, etc

    *New mob AI, be careful when you run across a pack of wolfs.. 


    Running on Bukkit 1.13.2

    This is a new server, but it is up and running 24/7

    Server hardware info:

    -Dual Xeon CPU

    -32G Dedicated DDR4 RAM

    -1TB SSD

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