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    Does anyone know a mod that does what the portal gun does, but is more magic oriented or less hightech?

    See me and my friends are trying to build a modpack that focuses on magic and fantasy.

    And we are trying to avoid as many "tech" oriented mods as possible.


    We love the ability to move blocks and entities telekinetically especially when moving monsters and demons and other entities into special containment vaults and such.

    The portals however are secondary/unimportant but useful.

    So from a magical point of view, we would love to have some sort of telekinetic type of mod, that acts like the portal gun does.


    Supposedly it would not have to be specifically "magic", but we don't like the space age gun that the portal gun is.


    I guess another alternative would be to research if it is possible to make an addon for portalgun that changes/removes the actuall handheld item somehow, if that even is possible.


    The pack is for MC 1.12.2

    We are using mods like thaumcraft, bewitchment, bloodmagic etc etc...

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