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    Hello all,

    I've been trying to play the MC. Eternal Modpack for a couple of days now and keep getting the same problem. So the mod pack starts fine and starts to load. Then it gets to the loading bar 2/7 and it takes FOREVER to load the mods, it takes around 30 mins to do this. Then it gets to the 3/7 and this can take anywhere from 45mins to 1hr to load. Then it moves on and it can take anywhere between 30mins to 1hr to load the bars 4/7, 5/7 and 6/7. This is where it gets tricky, the mod pack will crash on any of these pages once it gets to 3/7 loading bar the pack is just in danger mode and will either crash, freeze or take 2 centuries to load. Any loading bar after 3/7 will do any of the three. This happens EVERY time I load the pack.


    Now on the RARE occasion that the pack will load after 3-4hrs of waiting as soon as you create a world and jump in the loading takes forever and then it crashes as you load in. 


    Linked below is the latest crash report of me loading the game. If anyone has any way to STOP it crashing and to making it faster it would be MUCH appreciated. Also if anyone can explain while it's happening also great. Obviously, if more info is needed it will be supplied.



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