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    Server IP: krosspvp.mc.gg
    Discord: snaker938#6652
    Discord server: https://discord.gg/wZAmVEp
    ❓Who are we❓
    KrossPvP is a multi minigames server. We have all the best minigames such as Skywars, Sumo, Eggwars, Survival Games, Build Battle, Turf Wars, Mob Arena, Block Hunt and a whole bunch more! Our number one priority is make sure that you get the best experience! We have a very active discord server in which you can take part in many giveaways and more! The owner is extremely active on the server and if you need help, our excellent staff team is there for you! New gamemodes are always being added so feel free to hop onto the server to take a look! We have a awesome points system to put you aside from the rest of the players and with may hub features, there is always something to do!
    ❓What makes us different❓
    KrossPvP has a friendly staff team. We believe you cannot have a quality server without having a Staff to player connection. This means we are willing to help you with any questions and concerns, as well as help out with things you are doing on the server. We believe maintaining this connection will allow for a more positive community. We have many unique minigames that you don't see on other servers such as Mob Arena and Gravity. New minigames and features are being added constantly.
    ❓What do we want to accomplish❓
    At KrossPvP we believe that everyone deserves a free to play experience. A lot of big servers nowadays have ranks which give you perks in-game. This ruins the game for people that have not got a rank. At KrossPvP, a rank simply gives you cosmetics, pets and abilities to vote and unlock trails. Nothing game changing! We want to become a top minigames server, that is why we need you. Players such as yourselves help to boost the server, no question, concern is ever over looked by our staff team on the server.

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