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    so i don,t know is this bug or im stupid  if you can fix it i will be very happy so in my   ME System the crafting terminal when i try craft  items they are placed in the right order and the final crafting item appears BUT when i try pick it I CAN,T these are some of the items(Hardened fluiduct,,,Diamond lattice,,,Connector,,,Basic capacitor,,, and alot more)  so i have to craft the items in regular crafting table and this is so annoying if this is some type of feature pls remove it  but before i diden,t have this problem i don,t know what is making this.If you can help i will be very happy 

     Yea I've just got to the ME system myself.. I was revelling in the fact that I wouldn't need so many chests  .. crafting direct from the system...  NOPE
    99% of the time I click the item I want to craft and it won't put all the items in to the grid.  I think it's partially a visual but but also a but or something with the latest version of the pack as I've watched Direwolf20 playing and crafting from the ME crafting terminal with no issues.  But when you try take items from the crafting terminal it simply won't let you take the item so I have to remove the ingredients and craft it the old way in a table.
     No Idea how to fix it except roll back maybe .. no idea if anyone will even look into this as old as this pack is now.
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    So I've tried with Sky resources 2 to find out I process Chrome alchemical ore dust or zinc ..  I know the recipe says in a condenser and it will produce the ingots but I've done that and it doesn't do do anything.


    I've using a end stone condenser and a manualing (sp? haha) frame but it won't process it.  I've tried looking in loads of places on the internets but some video's when they have got to that bit just skipped it.


    I don't get why it isn't working as the recipe says


    EDIT : No matter worked when I rebuilt the condenser setup

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