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    To get into why I started MC-PLAY we have to go back a few years. I purchased minecraft back in the alpha when multiplayer was first released. I played it regularly and eventually me and a few friends set up our own server to play around on. Few years passed and eventually minecraft fully released. Around this time I decide to setup my own public server. The server was a great success and achieved a minimum of 50 players per day playing. Through this player base of the server I made some great friends and it was a great place to hang out. To this day I am still friends with the people I met back then many years ago! Now, this is where MC-PLAY NETWORK comes into this, I want to experience that same small community feeling, meeting & creating new friends and general casual video game playing.

    Currently, our main server is survival. It has some unique twist to it such as, custom enchantments, skilled leveled mobs, rankable beehives, player warps, player chest shops and plenty more planned to be updated. The survival server is running 1.15.2 and so far, has no lag or server related issues (touch wood). We currently have a small player base spread out across different time-zones and we're looking to grow that into a much bigger community player base! There is a skyblock server in the works. However, I will not be opening this to the public yet until a bigger player base has been achieved! I plan to add some other gamemode options too.

    Supporting MC-PLAY
    There are many ways you can support the MC-PLAY NETWORK, the first obvious option is to come online the server and just play and enjoy (it's totally free)! The second option is, to come online play and also vote for the server (again, still totally free!)! The final option is the premium option, visit our store and purchase some perks, boosters or ranks. We do not expect anybody to feel they have to purchase anything. However, we appreciate it very much and the funding will be going 100% into the server for more unique features and gamemodes.

    I will be looking for helpers as we grow. However, expect the obvious things.. If you haven't even joined the server and played it for a little while, don't start flooding the discord and in-game chat that you're an amazing fit, and we should instantly pick you, this will just result in an auto-denial and mute... Now that we have got the obvious out the way, if you feel you would be a great fit in this new upcoming dream. Join the server and speak to me there, or join on the server community discord and ask to speak to me there.

    If you're just looking for a new community server and are not fussed about the other stuff come drop in! The server ip is mc-play.uk and allows for clients from 1.12 to 1.15.

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