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    I can't download the modpack anymore  from the Twith client . After downloading a big part of the mods, it stops and cancels the installation. The error is : "cannot find child addon : 262691. The issue has been addresed several times by other players in the problem section of the modpack page here. But no answer so far. And I doubt it will be fixed anytime since it's an old pack now.


    Is there any other way to download the last version of this pack other that the Twitch client?

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    I got the Ikea Markus chair.  It's pretty descent and has pretty good reviews online, like this one. If you can't affoard an official computer chair, it's a good compromise I think.

    What I really like about it ; since people don't often have AC in France and the temperature is unbearable during 3-4 months in summer ; is that the back of the chair is a net. So I can put a big fan blowing just behind my back and not bathing in sweat, which is nice. It's also not in leather which would increase the pain during summer. No one wants to sweat naked on leather. :D

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