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    Hi community,

    How are you all? I am writing my thesis about the influence of mods on the gameplay experience of the player in video games. The cases (games) I use to do research on this question are Minecraft and Skyrim. I am still looking for more opinions to really get a comprehensive understanding of the pros and cons of mods for the gameplay experience in video games. Therefore I am very curious to hear your perspective about the following questions:

    • How would you describe the gameplay experience in Minecraft?
    • What do you generally think of Minecraft mods?
    • How do you see the effect of mods on your Minecraft gameplay experience?
    • Can you also describe any possible negative experiences with mods on your Minecraft gameplay experience?
    • Do you read any mod reviews and if yes, how do you see the effect of this on your opinion of the mod?
    • How do you hope / modding will develop in the near future for Minecraft or other games and why?

    If you don’t feel like answering every single question, this is fine of course. Each answer will be very valuable for my research!

    Thank you so much!

    Hope everyone stays healthy & safe in these strange times.


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