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    Hello Everyone!!

    I am relatively new here but I am looking for people to help me with a mod I am starting!


    Now this isn't going to be like any old extinct animals mod, it's not going to contain dinosaurs as we feel there are many mods out there that contain dinosaurs to add to minecraft, instead we are adding a large variety of less well known extinct mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, amphibians and insects so that players can learn about these marvellous creatures.

    Its called the 'Extinction Mod' (name a working progress), and is about animals that have recently gone extinct in our world, such as Pyrenean Ibex, Zanzibar leopard, Atlas bear, Passenger pigeon and the Tasmanian Tiger to name a few. And of course we will be adding in some older animals such as the Cave Lion, Cave Hyena, Dire Wolf, Woolly Rhino, Giant Sloth, Glypton etc.

    We aim to add in creatures that aren't in any other mods and are less well known to people with the aim of educating players in these recently extinct animals and helping them to learn about these fallen beasts.

    We are currently thinking of making this mod for 1.8 as it seems to be the most popular.

    We need as many people as possible from all different modding backgrounds to help this mod flourish!

    If you are interested in helping with this mod please message me on here or add me on Discord (Jqzzy#7347) where I can add you to our Mod Page.


    This is a great chance to get your name out there as the great modeler/animator/coder/texturer that you are!


    When the mod is done you will get credit on the mod page for your hard work as well as mentions on YouTube trailers for the mod too!

    My Discord is: Jqzzy#7347 - Please add me so we can have a chat and get talking on what role you would like to do for the team!!

    Thank you so much for any help we get!

    Much love
    Jqzzy :)

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