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    Hi all,


    Sorry for dumb questions. I am new to the world of Minecraft, but as a father of 2 young kids that love the game i thought I need to set my self into this a bit more.


    So here is my questions

    1. How do i know what mods require Forge installed? For example DecoCraft mod or InsaneVanilla++ modpack?
    2. I assume that the mod + forge + minecraft server/client all has to be for same version? For example InsaneVanilla++ its version is 3.3.7 but is for game version 1.12.2 but then looking at Forge it has many versions for 1.12.2 and the recommended version is <small>1.12.2 -</small>

    How does all this come together? :D

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    Hi all,


    trying to run InsaneVanilla++ ModPack server and client for my 2 kids.


    Got a linux server up and running and the server files from the mod pack appears to be all working. However on the client i installed forge for 1.12.2


    I then copied the folders from the modpack into %appdata%/minecraft and started up the minecraft launcher and ran that version of forge. but it wont let me join, saying a whole bunch of mods are not there on the client.


    Any ideas? I thought the mod pack had all the files required?

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