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    Hello and welcome to VoidNation, this is a server based on Oldschool Factions. if you used to play factions 
    back in the day 
    then VoidNation might be right for you, or maybe you never

    knew what Factions used to be like. Join VoidNation now to
    experience a true oldschool factions server!


    ► Access chests in enemy territories
    ► 1.8 PVP mechanics
    ► TNT or CreeperEggs will break obsidian in 5 hits
    ► Great Community
    ► Donate for exclusive kits/perks
    ► Envoys
    ► Crates

    ► Factions - Create a team of friends and go raid your enemies
    ► Wild - Teleports you to a random spot on the map to start your adventure
    ► VotingPlugin - Vote for the server and receive daily rewards (no rewards yet)
    ► Auctions - Auction your items for in-game currency► Crates - Open crates and get exclusive rewards
    ► Envoy - Envoy packages will drop down from the sky with loot inside


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