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    Hello there people.


    I would like to ask you.. Well I love Minecraft modding lot but now I have a question. I moved on MC version 1.12.2 and looking for some good cooking mods. I am already using Pams Harvestcraft which is the best but still looking for something special. On previous MC version 1.7.10 there was one extremely funny mod... The Kitchen Mod. Unfortunately is not available on 1.12.2 and developers said he will not update the mod anymore. So I am looking for something like that.

    And the second... Is there any good alchemy mod for 1.12.2? I mean some kind of mod that allows me to brew new and higher tiers of the potions with some new more difficult mechanism? I tried Brewcraft but it was some kind of glitchy. I know Minechem was good but again... not on 1.12.2

    So please any suggestions?  



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