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    posted a message on PhantomNetwork [$500+ FTOP] (Releasing Soon)

    Hello, my name is Daniel i am the proud owner of Phantomnetwork.org just making this post to tell you guys about my server, Down below in the next section will be some information about the server!


    Thanks For Reading

    Phantom Network [Remasted Edition]


    Factions Release: 30th June @ 2PM EST (beta)

    [●] 80+ Custom Enchants
    [●] Custom Cannoning Jar
    [●] Professional Staff
    [●] KoTH Events Daily!
    [●] Conquests on Weekends and Weekly Events!
    [●] LMS Events Weekends and Weekly 
    [●] $500+ F Top Prize
    [●] Sell Wand, Trench Pickaxes, and Craft Wand
    [●] Custom Build Spawn
    [●] Hard Competition
    [●] Horizontal & Vertical Genbuckets
    [●] TokenShop
    [●] Boss Events

    And A lot More, 
    Join our discord for a brand new adventure!

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