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    Luderia is a New 1.8 KitPvP Server opening on January 3, 17:00 GMT.

    IP: luderia.net


    If you enjoy a small friendly community and a good KitPvP experience then this server is for you.






    At Luderia we have a brilliant KitPvP arena built by talented builders in which you can fight in.


    Every kill you make you earn a random amount of money. Once you’ve earned enough cash you can upgrade your items at the shop with better enchantments to become even more powerful! You can also sell your spare items at the Auction House if you are in need of a little extra money towards upgrading your kits. At the end of each month, the top 3 players with the most kills receive VIP rank!






    In addition to KitPvP, events will be hosted regularly. What is different about our events compared to other servers is that they are always changing so it doesn’t ever become boring.   No two events are ever the same! The winners of these events will receive VIP rank for a week.




    At Luderia, We promote a friendly community. We do this by maintaining a fun atmosphere when playing. We have a Discord Server at discord.gg/xV68s5Q if you would like to receive more news and updates about the server. A forum is also under maintenance.


    January 3, 17:00 GMT:


    We hope to see you on January 3 at 17:00 GMT. You will be some of the very first people joining this new server! There will be many events at the opening and prize opportunities. We hope we can make history with you and we are excited for the future of our server!



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