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    Welcome To Razor Network


    After a full rebuild of our servers we are back, After listening to what players had to say we took on the suggestions and rebuilt the servers adding in a new unique op prison server, We want to offer you all a great place to play and for this we listened to you!

    We are now ready to open up the servers to new players yes we are new and as yet do not have a big community but we do have a few loyal members who are often online


    We are also not only looking for players we also would like to hire in staff so if you like the servers jump over to our discord and apply


    So what can we offer you guys on our servers or why play here is the question.


    We are a small server hosting a bungee network - Lobby - Prison - Skyblock & Factions, We aim to grow and be a big server but we know this wont happen over night, We are always looking to improve the servers where we can and add more servers to the network. We are not a pay to win server all ranks ect you can obtain within game with our crates keys can be won from voting, events or giveaways so always a chance you can pick up a top rank for free or rewards are fair and balanced on all servers so no matter what way you play you will always be a winner


    please come and check us out give us a shot you never know you might like us


    Chat to our members see what they have to say:

    Discord Channel: discord.gg/bsrUZvU


    Server IP: razor-network.mcpro.io


    Note: Factions server has high ping on join due to the customization once world has loaded ping will drop hosted on 16gigs ram please do not let this put you off this great server!

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    Welcome to AceNetwork server, New Server

    AceNetWork Survival server contains the most unique content that you have most likely never seen. At the moment we are running on 1.12.2 but works with 1.7 - 1.14, this is the first of our servers see below on details of the other servers opening soon to our network! We are a New Server so player count is low so now is a good time to join and get a head start.

    Server Ip: acenetwork.serverminer.com

    Survival Server Features:

    ★ Diseases: players can get these diseases which will give them negative effects.
    ★ Custom Terrain Generation: amazing custom terrain
    ★ Custom Structure Generation: structures such as tents, graveyards, houses, villages, ships, ports and so much more that contain loot!
    ★ Furniture: that is right! Players can now have their own furniture that can be achieved through the daily reward system.
    ★ Quests (273x different quests)
    ★ Chat tags (430x different tags)
    ★ Crates (4x tiers, 156x different rewards)
    ★ Daily Rewards (Basic + Donator reward)
    ★ Pet Builder: that is right! Players can create their own custom pet!
    ★ Custom Heads (800+ heads): players can get these custom heads of nearly anything to decorate their house, their farm - anything really
    ★ Arrow Trails: players can select what particles should follow an arrow that they shoot from their bow. There are about 50 different particles to choose from
    ★ Player Particles: your players are able to select what particle they want to follow them when they walk.
    ★ Anti-grief: your players will not be able get their land vandalized by other players - a tutorial in the starter book is provided.
    ★ Custom Enchantments: custom enchantments are used to give players the freedom of having more than just a few enchantments per item.
    ★ Safe Trading: players can safely trade with other players with the GUI trading system. This reduces the risk of them getting scammed.
    ★ [NEW] Skylands Dimension: a dimension that is full of floating islands. This is where new mobs spawn that drop special items.
    ★ [NEW] Custom Mobs with Modified Attributes: are you tired of seeing the same Minecraft mobs? To
    the server even better, custom mobs with special effects have been added that spawn during the night along with the default ones. Example of some mobs: skeleton knight riding a horse, zombie knight riding a zombie horse, deadly spider... and much more!
    ★ [NEW] Gravestones: whenever anyone dies, a gravestone will be automatically place at the location of death. A chest also spawns underground to store the items of the dead person.
    ★ [NEW] Realistic Tree Falling: whenever a player cuts down a tree, they will hear sounds and see the tree fall.

    And so much more...

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