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    The Survival Saga is an Economy Survival server version 1.15.2 with many features that include, voting, crates, mcmmo, GUI shop, grief prevention, custom plugins and many more. On the survival saga, we have a rank-up system where you can use in-game money to /rankup and receive more homes, colored chat, etc. We strive to keep a 99.9% uptime forever so our community has no worries of us shutting down.

    We would love to have you on the server! <3

    - Economy

    - Voting

    - Crates

    - Custom GUIS

    - Rank-up

    - Vote Party

    - Auctions

    - Coin flip

    - Land Claims

    - Trading

    - Player Warps

    - Vaults

    - Mcmmo

    - Perks

    - Shop GUIS

    - Mob catching eggs

    - Kits

    Coming Soon: Token shop, quests & daily rewards <3

    IP - play.thesurvivalsaga.com

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