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    Once upon a time, I discovered the (in my opinion) best, most fun and unique minecraft server called thedarkage-battle of conwy castle. Two teams - a bunch of flags - WAR!!!!!! I spent hours on hours on there, every - single - day. But it went offline and not just me but many players were very disappointed. BUT THEN in 2018 /19 one ginius guy recreated the entire server, even somehow managed to get the old maps. A light in our dark dark lifes. A couple months later, this new server also went offline forever! A devastating moment for everyone. BUT NOW NOW ITS TIME TO SHINE FOR THEDARKAGE Volume 3:


    IP: Thedarkage.peacepunkt.de

    Version: 1.15.2


    What we offer:

    - Old and new maps

    - Choose between diffrent classes

    - Working cannons and catapults

    - Special perks for inviting new players on the server

    - Old combat system

    - Capture the flag / siege pvp

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