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    posted a message on Plz help world dissapeared

    So me and my brother played some foolcraft last night, but when we started up the world again (the LAN was hosted from his computer) it was not in the world menu. We still got the world file itself, but it didn't show up on my computer either, which makes me think it's something wrong with the world. There was no crash yesterday, we just logged out and everything was fine, but trying to re-launch the world day after problems occured.

    We were just getting started too, so there wasn't much that could go wrong
    It's almost 3 hours worth of log, and sites just kept crashing so shared the file via dropbox

    Thx for all help

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    posted a message on Skyfactory 3 crashen when logging in to world

    When the world loads up, i can walk around at maybe 1-5fps, but as soon as i move java error comes up and the game crashes.
    This seems to happen everytime i log into a world, not create a new one.

    Basicly i got skyfactory, created a world and started playing, everything worked fine. A couple of days later i try logging in to the world and the problem occurs.
    I have tried getting the latest version of java, and i also tried the built in feature "repair minecraft"
    It dousnt seem there is a crash report from this occation, the only ones in the folder are one about 2 weeks ago.
    My hardware shouldn't be the problem:
    Geforce GTX 860M
    Intel Core i5-4120H 2.90ghz 4 Cores
    Running windows 10 64-bit version

    I also allocated 4gb RAM (i have 8)

    Here's the game Log though:

     Please help! :)


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