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    Oooooh ok I get it XD 

    I completely misunderstood the "NOT third party" thing. 

    So all the mods from Curse Forge are free to use right ? 

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    Hello guys, 


    I started modding recently and I can't wrap my head around what we can or can't do. 


    After using MCreator for a while, I noticed today that we can create modpacks really easily with the Twitch App. 

    So I'd like to know how I can release my mod, and then I heard about third party mods. What does it mean ? 


    I don't understand that I can easily add mods like MouseTweaks, but not release them in a modpack as it's not in the third party list. 

    It is really weird to me. It looks like such a clunky way of managing rights and permissions. Is there something I'm missing ? 

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